Monday, January 24, 2011

Slow starts!

So I did start blogging again this year, but my start has been really slow, seeing as this is only my second post. I don't know why it takes me so much time to start up again. Oh well, here is my second shot! A few new things that have happened:

1. Jay started ballet!!!! I am so exciting for this. She actually started ballet, tap, and tumbling (all in her one class). We haven't officially signed her up yet, but she has been trying them out. I think I know which school we will pick. I love seeing her all dressed up like a little ballerina, and she loves it too. I can't believe how fast she is growing!!!!!

2. Started new Korean show, Personal Taste. So far it's pretty funny, so I am entertained!

3. I just got a new app for my IPAD. It's called 200 situps. I guess it's supposed to have you doing 200 situps in six weeks. I started today. It made me do a set of 15, 18, 10, 10, and 14. I had to do each set in one minute (which is really more than enough time). This means today I did 67 reps. Not too bad. I will see if this app is any good.

4. I  hope to start up zumba again today too, but I won't be making any promises.

I'm also working on some new endeavors but will post more of that when things become more concrete.
Other than that life has been pretty calm. I guess this is what they call the calm after the storm. Sweet. This weekend we went to the park and had a picnic (Little One's first). It was fun, except for when Jay started crying when we were leaving.

I hope everybody has a blessed day!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catching up

 Yay!!! I'm back!!!! This makes me happy because it means that things are finally back to normal and everything is alright. These last two months have been super busy so I am just going to try to give everyone a quick yet insightful recap. :)The first thing I must say is that GOD IS AWESOME. Last time I wrote here we were just starting to get Hubby treated and he had just been diagnosed with cancer. Here is everything that came after.

We celebrated Thanksgiving the week before actual Thanksgiving. We had some friends over, the food was delicious and we had a great time.

Then on November 22nd we went to the hospital because the next day Hubby would be having a very long operation (RPLND)
                                          Here they are nervous but trying to relax at hospital. By the way, hubby bought me an IPAD as an early Christmas present so I wouldn't be bored in the hospital. I love it! Moving on...


The operation was super long (about six hours). The Girls were at home with one of my best friends (who is really more like a little sister (Ms. Bev). I thank God for her and her husband because I don't think I could have done it without them. She stayed with both my girls and her little one for the whole week, even during Thanksgiving. And her husband, Mr. Ben, was back and forth between hospital, house and work. Wow. God gave us some great friends!
One week later he was back in home. The recovery process has been really good. He heals like wolverine! And late December all of our family started coming in for a well deserved Vacation!

Here is the Little One sleeping while her great grandmother, grandfather and her father all watch her. She was a real show stopper.
We took Christmas pictures. The girls were super cute, but it took forever and I was tired.

This is Nia just posing for a picture when Hubby went in for his post operation check up.
And this was her first Christmas playing with a teddy bear she got.

Hubby and I took a mini trip and went to the wax museum where I took a picture with Mr. Depp.
Lany  got a baby all gone for Christmas so she put her in Nia's new feeding chair and fed her for a while.
Cousin Marie came and we had a blast with her. A few cool things about her:
1. She has pretty much my and hubby's sense of humor, so we understand each other well.
2. We spent a lot of time painting each other's nails and I loved it (actually she painted mine because I am not good at painting other peoples nails). We actually bought this cool nail polish that changes color in the sunlight.
3. She takes good pictures

We also spent a lot of time at the river. Got some pretty good pictures.

Ooooh and I can't forget to put my picture of me and Oprah!!! It was a dream come true. :)

During this time Little One also started eating with a spoon for the first time. She was very ready and would guide her dads hand in.
We also did some Christmas decorating.

Did I mention that Marie plays the violin?! It was awesome!

 We loved this Christmas and New Year. It was the first one that we have any family over and we feel very blessed. Jay and Little One had a great time and I was just excited to be surrounded with so much love.

I thank God for healing my Hubby and for giving us such a great vacation. I look forward to what the New Year brings and hope everyone had a great Christmas too!!