Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cupcakes, Bears, ...Part 2

After having delicious cupcakes at The Gourmet Cupcake Shop. We headed to La Cantera.

There is Hubby and N at Food Court

Here is A riding her favorite Mall Car

It's an awesome mall, and here we saw a Build-A-Bear. AJ has never built a bear before so we decided this would be the moment.  We went in and told A what she would be doing. It took her forever to choose a bear to start with (too many choices). I kept hinting at my favorites, you know, the cute little bears, or bunnies, or the monkey, but they were not her choices. She finally decided on... the Camouflage Bear. Sigh. Really? Omar was laughing and telling me to let her pick what she wanted, which of course I was going to do. I gave the other cute bears a few more tries before walking to the next step where Camo Bear was stuffed (A was a little scared at this part so she wouldn't push the pedal thing). I still had hope for a cute bear though because clothes could turn everything around!!

A giving Camo Bear a bath

Soon after giving her bear a bath, we went to look for its' clothes. Things were looking great. She was all the princess dresses and picked a Rapunzel dress with heels and all!!! Until, right when we were about to leave she saw something that made her eyes light up...

Welcome Firegirl Sam to the family.
She absolutely loves her new firegirl. Oh well.

During this trip Hubby thought it would also be important if not necessary to get A a Yankee Cap.

It was a good day!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cupcakes, bears, and fun!

Boy have I had an awesome day! We started it by going to get AJ something from a dance shop we had been wanting. While we were there we saw a sign that said The Gourmet Cupcake Shop. I had never been to a cupcake shop before so I HAD to stop there. !

I fell in love with this cute shop. I also had the best cupcake I have ever had in my entire life!!! If you are ever in the San Antonio area, you have to check this place out. They are open Wednesday thru Saturday from 11:30am - 6:30 pm at  11255 Huebner Road, San Antonio, TX 78230. They make their cupcakes fresh everyday and they are super delicious! Hubby had a Cookies and Cream, which he loved. AJ had the Tantalizing Triple Chocolate, and I had the scrumptious Sweet Starwberries and Cream. Nobody left a crumb and we left the shop quite happy. The owners were very nice and the shop was just a delicious delight! I will be back there as soon as I can!


That was the start of our day. Will post more about the day in next posting!! Thank you God for everything!


I have some exciting news. Yesterday we had our laminate floor put down. We have been wanting to to that for a while. We had even had an estimate done 2 years ago, so this was like a dream come true. I love how it turned out and am happy to be decorating the living room again. It was hard not having a living room for a couple days (it really only took one morning, but we thought they were coming on Wednesday).
 The room was very empty!!

 Hubby and I enjoyed it for a few minutes when it was done. It was fun not to have to do it ourselves too!! We might have gone crazy. All we did was wait for everything to get done and enjoy the moment. Al though, Hubby did pull the carpet and the padding (which had its own struggles).
After the floor was finished we went out to buy some new accesories for our new living room. I will put pics up as soon as it is done! I can't wait.

We also have more exciting news. We found a preschool for A!! I loved it so mucn and was so excited, I forgot to take pictures, but I really, really, liked it. Yay!!! All in all...great week. And still waiting for Dr. K to call.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little of Everything!

Many new changes are going on in my household and boy am I tired out!! First of all Nia has been CRANKY! Turns out she got her first tooth yesterday (quite exciting). Knowing why she was crying so much has made it much easier. Hubby is still waiting for exam results. Sigh... Jay went to ballet/tap again yesterday. Sometimes I get nervous watching her. I had prepped her and taught her the difference between right foot and left foot like a million times. I mean she had it down!! Then, as I am watching her with the teacher, sure enough the teacher is telling her to tap her right foot and her left foot is tapping away!! Ahhhh! At least she was able to put her hands on her hips this time (had to teach her that too). Sometimes I worry about her listening, we really have to work on that.  :) Hubby also started school again so that is also more stuff to do. I did 107 situps today, so that 200 situp app is working. I'm getting there. And, last, but not least, we have one more activity going on, but I will post more about that tomorrow! Have a good one!

Memory verse #2 (they say you remember more when you write)

Psalm 119:105
I have hidden you word in my heart that I might not sin against you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Testing, testing...1,2,3!

So this is absolutely just testing out my new bloggie video...

My Valentine

I got a few surprises yesterday for Valentine's Day. First of all, Hubby had said that he doesn't believe in celebrating V-Day. In our 6 years of marriage I had never heard this before. I tried to tell him this, but he insisted that he doesn't believe in the holiday and he would just get me a little something so that I would not feel bad. I told him that it would be fine, and that was where we were. So on Saturday, he said he didn't believe in V-Day so he would give me my little present on Saturday instead. He gave me the JJ Heller cd I have been wanting. Of course I was super happy!! It is soo cute and relaxing. I on the other hand did not buy a thing for my handsome hubby (he not believing and all). Then on Sunday he gave me a super cool card and a nice decal for my car. So sweet. So that was the end of that...  or so I thought. Yesterday he came home with chocolates for AJ (which she loved),  the cutest ballerina shirt for Nia, and a card for both. Just when I was thinking that he was pretty awesome, he tells me to close my eyes. When I opened them there is the Sony bloggie I had also been eyeing for awhile. Meanwhile, the only things he got were a card from AJ and a home cooked meal. Oh well. I do love that guy. So you will probably be seeing videos soon!! Yay!!

In other news, Dr. K. called Hubby to give him results of his first cancer tests. Apparently something in the blood work came out higher than Dr. would like, so Hubby had to go back in this morning to have more blood work done. I am really hoping it was just a messed up test. Truthfully I was very worried and nervous yesterday. Just waiting for the results of this test was pretty nerve wrecking, now we have to wait more. I am just trying to stay as calm as possible. God has never left us and just keeps showing us his awesome Love!!! I am going to continue trusting in Him!!!

A few more good things have happened too. For a while now AJ has been absolutely horrified of going to the car wash. Her first experience was very traumatizing for some reason. Anyway, our van was pretty dirty so we decided to go to the car wash, and even though AJ started crying we were going to do it. I got in the back seat with AJ and held her and tried to make it as fun as possible!! When we got out of the car wash she had a big smile and was telling us which was her favorite part (the different colored soaps). We were soo happy (she was forced to face a fear and she did great).

I also have continued with the 200 situp app I had started. I completely slacked last week, so I started up again yesterday.  I did 94 reps, so things are going well.

As for my 30 before 30 list, so far I have watched 4 movies, and memorized 2 bible verses. I have also bought the paint for the laundry room. So far so good!

God is awesome!!!!! Until next time!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Still haven't gotten the hang of being back on my blog again, so just try to hang in there with me. Here is a little recap of things that have happened while I was away again:

1. Green Bay won the Superbowl. (YAY)
2. American Idol finished their auditions and are starting in Hollywood today.
3. It snowed.
4. Both my girls got sick.
5. Hubby had his cancer tests done. (waiting for negative results)
6. We decided on a Dance school for AJ. (She hasn't been able to go because of weather and cold, but we did already get her her tap shoes, which she already dances with)
7. Parenting Life group started.

So on to new news. I got an idea from a fellow blogger and I decided it is something I MUST do! On May 25th, 2011, I will be 30 and so I made a 30 things to do before I am 30 list. Here is is. This should keep me pretty busy for the next three months.

1. Paint a Picture.
2. Sew matching dresses for the girls. Haven't even started.
3. Memorize 12 Bible verses. Memorized 2.
4. Write a song. Started one and then lost it.
5. Send book out to publishers. Turns out the publishers I want don't accept manuscripts unless sent by an agent, so this has turned into : send book to agents. Have yet to finish paperwork I need to send.
6. Visit Corpus Cristi. This is just not going to happen.
7. Find suitable sneakers for mom to be out on the town.
8. Make 4 different crafts. I've made 2.
9. Read 4 new books. I've read 1.
10. Dye my hair. Have kind of changed my mind about this.
11. Lose 20 lbs. I've gained 5.
12. Take awesome fam. pics. Thanks to Ms. B!
13. Renovate bedroom. Almost.
14. Finish Nia's room and have her sleep there.
15. Paint Laundry room. Still have paint just waiting there.
16. Ride a big roller coaster.
17. Have a spa day at home twice a month. Yeah right.
18. Go on a date without kids at least once a month. Another, Yeah right.
19. Sew an apron for AJ. Nope.
20. Organize my linen closet. Ha!
21. Teach AJ 3 new songs. I've taught her one.
22. Start walking. Haha!
23. Have a dinner party.
24. Give a gift to a neighbor.
25. Bake a dessert from scratch.
26. Delete anybody who I have never had real contact with from facebook.
27. Watch 30 movies. I've seen 12.
28. Put together a great outfit.
29. Put a chalkboard section in my kitchen. Actually turned into a white board section, but the intention was made, I wanted a little writing section.
30. Make something special for Hubby.