Thursday, February 10, 2011


Still haven't gotten the hang of being back on my blog again, so just try to hang in there with me. Here is a little recap of things that have happened while I was away again:

1. Green Bay won the Superbowl. (YAY)
2. American Idol finished their auditions and are starting in Hollywood today.
3. It snowed.
4. Both my girls got sick.
5. Hubby had his cancer tests done. (waiting for negative results)
6. We decided on a Dance school for AJ. (She hasn't been able to go because of weather and cold, but we did already get her her tap shoes, which she already dances with)
7. Parenting Life group started.

So on to new news. I got an idea from a fellow blogger and I decided it is something I MUST do! On May 25th, 2011, I will be 30 and so I made a 30 things to do before I am 30 list. Here is is. This should keep me pretty busy for the next three months.

1. Paint a Picture.
2. Sew matching dresses for the girls. Haven't even started.
3. Memorize 12 Bible verses. Memorized 2.
4. Write a song. Started one and then lost it.
5. Send book out to publishers. Turns out the publishers I want don't accept manuscripts unless sent by an agent, so this has turned into : send book to agents. Have yet to finish paperwork I need to send.
6. Visit Corpus Cristi. This is just not going to happen.
7. Find suitable sneakers for mom to be out on the town.
8. Make 4 different crafts. I've made 2.
9. Read 4 new books. I've read 1.
10. Dye my hair. Have kind of changed my mind about this.
11. Lose 20 lbs. I've gained 5.
12. Take awesome fam. pics. Thanks to Ms. B!
13. Renovate bedroom. Almost.
14. Finish Nia's room and have her sleep there.
15. Paint Laundry room. Still have paint just waiting there.
16. Ride a big roller coaster.
17. Have a spa day at home twice a month. Yeah right.
18. Go on a date without kids at least once a month. Another, Yeah right.
19. Sew an apron for AJ. Nope.
20. Organize my linen closet. Ha!
21. Teach AJ 3 new songs. I've taught her one.
22. Start walking. Haha!
23. Have a dinner party.
24. Give a gift to a neighbor.
25. Bake a dessert from scratch.
26. Delete anybody who I have never had real contact with from facebook.
27. Watch 30 movies. I've seen 12.
28. Put together a great outfit.
29. Put a chalkboard section in my kitchen. Actually turned into a white board section, but the intention was made, I wanted a little writing section.
30. Make something special for Hubby.


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