Friday, March 25, 2011

A wonderful day!

This is how the day started.
Today was a great day! While I got ready to go to hospital, my dad watched the girls. I came out to find Little N completely asleep on his lap!

Dad bought them matching big sister, little sister t-shirts. They looked so cute.

Then we headed to the hospital because...

Hubby was coming home!!!

The first thing he wanted to do was eat some Puerto Rican cuisine, so we headed to La Marginal. It was as delicious as always. Their mofongo is awesome, and have a yummy lunch buffet.

Hubby had the mofongo con carne frita!!

The girls were so happy to have him back!!!

Thank you God, I have no words to express my gratitude for everything you have done!!

He is home!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost Home

I took Little N to the door of Hubby's hospital room so that he could see her. I have never seen him move so fast. He almost flew out of the bed! He put his hand on the glass and she just started putting her hands on his. I had to hold back the tears. Then he couldn't resist it and put a mask on and came out to see her. He was so happy.

We are also happy because he will probably be coming home tomorrow!! His white blood cells are coming up and his body can now defend him against infections again! God is awesome! I can't wait to have him home!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More week 3!

OK, so this week has given us a couple scares. I can't wait till Hubby is well again!!!  But God has kept on showing his grace!!  Even the lady who cleans Hubby's room is talking Godly words to him! We are being blessed in so many ways. My friends Mr. and Mrs. R came from Austin and brought us enough homemade food for the whole week. My freezer is literally filled of goodies!!! Today we had lasagna, yum!! Ooh, I've also been eating some banana nut muffins she made. They are sooo awesome!!

My Dad flew in to help me from Puerto Rico. I am beyond words grateful!! I love him sooo much and he knows just what to do or say when I need a little encouragement. He has also been enjoying the girls whom he hadn't seen in eight months. They love having him here. He also watches them while I am with Hubby.

Yesterday I finished seeing Hubby and this is what I found...

One asleep...

Another asleep.

My Daddy is really good with them.

Hubby wasn't feeling that good yesterday, but today was feeling much better! A lot of people came to see him and that also raises his moral.

His white blood cells are starting to go up, so his body will start defending him again!! Yay!!

He also got his chemo yesterday, so we are still on track with that.
Week 3: Check!!!

I am so proud of him. He knows that all of this will work for the glory of God and so he is fighting it courageously!! I can't wait to see him again tomorrow!!

God is so awesome!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 3 starts

This weekend started pretty good. On Saturday we were able to go out and have some family and friends time. I was so grateful to God to see Hubby feeling a little better and with a bit more energy!! Lany sang her favorite song of the moment while we were in the car!

This can always make me smile.

I was able to go to my friend, Mrs. R's baby shower and bring her the blanket I made for her baby. I had such a nice time.

That's one less craft from my list and I loved it!

Even found a pretty matching box!

Then the girls were able to just relax for a while.

Then on Sunday Hubby was not feeling well again. We were still able to go to church and then tried to eat something.

After everyone took a nap though I went to check on Hubby and he had a fever. So we got ready and headed to hospital. The doctors admitted him pretty quickly to ICU so that they could continue to monitor him. He was feeling a little better but his fever was coming and going. They said he had  neutropenia so they had to be careful he wasn't getting a cold (which was possible since the girls and I are all sick).

So my dear hubby is in ICU for now.  He is still in good spirits and trusting in God. He is also surrounded by good nurses and they just want to make sure they battle off any infection trying to get him. All his test so far have come back negative so that is good.

He is still however being his normal self. I love him and can't wait to have him back. I am thankful, however, that my dad flew in from PR today, so I am not alone, which will make things easier while he is admitted. Yay!

So I thank God for letting us go to the hospital before any infection came in and will keep trusting Him for everything!!

And this is just a cute picture of my kid.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 2: Check!

So, Thank God Hubby only has to have one dose of Chemo this week. We thought he would be feeling better by today, but truthfully it hasn't been as easy as we thought. I am still so super proud of him, but it is hard to see him wanting to do so many things and his body just not letting him do much.He is very tired,but I have faith that very soon he will be feeling better.

Here he is just resting.

Since we haven't spent so much time in the hospital these days, I have been trying to get things done from my list.  So I finished a gift for my friend Ms. R. She is having a baby soon. I made two of the crafts from my list for her. One of them is a little owl teether.

I got out my handy dandy sewing machine and starting working. I had never made it before. It was hard because my little N requires a lot of attention, and once I start something I don't like stopping until it is done. 

It took longer than expected, and is definitely not perfect, but I love it. I will be making one for my little N as soon as I can. I will show a picture of my other picture after I give the gift to my friend.

Another new thing that we have done is put little N in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time. She quite liked it!

She is growing so fast.

I made a yummy banana bread.

Today I also took A to ballet. Unfortunately, ballet had been canceled because of spring break. So, we decided to do some groceries. On the way there A wanted to listen to her current favorite song, 'How Great is Our God'. I was able to catch her on video. This makes me smile every time I see it.

Thank you God for letting week 2 of chemo be done!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 1: Check!

OK so Hubby woke up telling me about a super cool dream he had. So, for those of you who don't know, Hubby's CT scan came back saying that his lungs were clear, but that they had found the cancer. There was one lymph node left that came back positive. This was good news. So hubby dreamed that his good lymph nodes had that one bad lymph node surrounded. That lymph node was going down!  :)

                       Here is my interpretation of his dream. :)
Isn't it awesome how God is reassuring him even in his dreams!!!!! I love God!!!

     Here is a little recap of yesterday and today.
While we are at the hospital I try to make things as comfortable as I can for the girls. I want them to have fun. So we have established a pretty good routine.

Here is our corner in the waiting room. We take up like 5 chairs! That skeleton poster on the wall belongs to A. She is into the human body right now. Today she told me that she wanted to be a nurse or a doctor that takes care of people with cancer. She is so sweet. If you look on a table in the back, my computer is there and A can watch any movie we bring. I plug it in there so she never runs out of battery, but to tell you the truth, although she has a movie on, she prefers to talk ( a lot). I bring two strollers because the only break I get is if A rests in her red stroller for a while. Little N was using the red stroller in this pic.

Little N is standing up a lot now. I feel like I constantly have to be right by her side so she doesn't fall and break her head. I put her in her playpen for a while at home and the first thing she did was stand on up. I think she will be walking soon. At least in there I don't have to worry about her getting injured!

She is also smiling like crazy. Hubby says that his girls are one of his biggest medicines. He can't help but smile back.

Today the hospital was almost empty. Taking care of the girls was pretty easy because we had the waiting room to ourselves. I wish I could have been with Hubby, but I am glad the nurse was a good guy.

We have also been super blessed by our church. They have brought us meals almost every day. And not just any meals, scrumptious meals. I should have taken a picture of them all, like the rice and meatballs, the taco casserole, the chicken, peas, and potatoes, or the chicken enchiladas.

I did however take a picture of today's meal. A chicken pot pie with a breast cancer awareness ribbon with an apple cobbler!!!! We are truly blessed!!

Hubby has not been feeling too good today, but I am proud of him finishing his first week!! He is soo strong!!

Only 2 big weeks left!!!The rest are smaller weeks!! Thank you again God for always being there!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 3

So this morning was a little tough. We were all pretty tired. Hubby was feeling very blah. Just didn't want to go to treatment. He had to take out his little glove so that he could remember what he was fighting for. 

But, it was a beautiful morning anyway.

Ok. So day 1, I wore my normal amount make-up. Day 2 I just decided to use lip gloss. Today No make-up, and a hat because I didn't feel like brushing my hair. lol.

On the way to hospital, I also noticed that our van's shadow looked a lot like Shrek's face. Can you see it? :)

Then Hubby went in for treatment and this is what me and the girls did.

First A watched Charlotte's Web for the bazillionth time.

She still gets sad when Charlotte dies. Sorry if I spoiled that ending for anyone.


Then the girls played for a while in an open area.

When hubby got out of treatment, he was in a much better mood. God is awesome!!

He drew A a game of hopscotch.

Then we all rested.

I feel much better. Hubby has his ups and downs, but we are confident that the work that has begun in us will be finished.

Hubby's fighting glove is ready for tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2

Another day checked off on our countdown. Again I am super proud of hubby. It was a faster day because he got less meds. We were out by 11am.

Here is our fighting meds in action!!!! It goes fast! Thank you God for medical wisdom.

Getting it done!

As soon as Hubby's nurse found out that he was a Laker's fan, she told him, not to fall asleep because as soon as he did, she was going to surround him with Spurs paraphernilia and take a picture of him. He told her that since he would eventually fall asleep one day during treatment she might as well take the picture when he was awake and not drooling. So remember this pic Spurs fans. Go Spurs!!!! The nurse printed the picture and put it on her bulletin board. Poor Hubby!! :)

Today He has felt very tired!!!!! But he rested for a while, so I think he recovered a little. Then he got a little nauseous, but took some meds and felt better.

I wish I could be with him during treatment. I miss him while he is there. But I know he isn't alone. God is always there.

Then I took A to ballet. She did great. Oh and speaking of something different. What is up with Glee? Very disappointed. Also I'm voting for Emily on The Bachelor and am enjoying American Idol.

Until next time. Ready for tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chemo day 1...for real

So today was the official first day of chemo.

So back we came. Although we were still nervous, we were nowhere near as nervous as we were yesterday, so I think everything worked out well. Thank you God!!!

It was still a long morning.

Hubby did everything on his own today because I had the girls. I really missed being with him, but was so proud of him at the same time.

He went in and they gave him all his pre-meds (a bunch of pills to counteract the chemo side effects).

A knows what is going on and this is what she thought:

Four hours later: After he finished, he looked great. He was really tired but in high spirits.

The girls were happy to be home!

Later we decided to go on a walk. The doctor said it would be important for hubby to walk since the meds could harm his lungs.  So out we went.

It was a great day for a walk.

Later, before bed Hubby was still feeling pretty good, aside from just feeling strange and a few moments of discomfort and heart burn, he has been great.
Thank you God. Please let him continue to do so well.

“[Praise to the God of All Comfort] Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 1...or not...

    So today was our first day of Chemo, or so we thought...

Hubby had his vitals done nice and early.

Then we just waited. Mr. and Ms. B gave him this little boxing glove to start round 2 of his fight with cancer.

It was a good gift. :)

When we went in, it was Hubby's worst nightmare. The nurse was a die hard spurs fan!!! Poor Hubby.  She was not at all happy when she found out he rooted for the Lakers!!

Then, after Hubby got a bag of Saline and all of the after effects medicine, we found out the chemo for him was not available, so we would have to start tomorrow. Oh well.

He just got the dressing on his PICC changed and we went home. Until tomorrow!