Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great News!!!!

We are feeling very blessed this week. Although Hubby has started another long week of everyday chemo, and he is not feeling well at all, we feel so blessed. Hubby had his tumor marker tests done again.His tumor markers before chemo were 51. Normal tumor markers are 0-10 (more or less). Last test, after 3weeks of chemo, they came back at 12.8. This weeks test (after  six weeks of chemo) came back at...........

3.54!!!!!!!!!!!! That is within normal range!!!!!!

God is soooo awesome!!!!

We are now anxious to finish treatment and are in an official countdown. Only five more treatments left!!!!
Since I have written, Uncle P has gone back to PR, and Hubby's Dad is now in town to help out. I no longer have to pack the girls up and spend mornings and afternoons keeping them entertained in the hospital. Well, I still have to keep them entertained, but now I can do it in the comfort of our home. That is a blessing. I would like to be with him, but I know I leave him in good hands, and I know he feels good knowing the girls are comfortably at home.

Since I haven't written in a bit. Here is a picture review of what you have missed.

We were able to take Uncle P to a few touristic places.

Hubby set up a pretty cool pool section in backyard.

A loves playing with the ladybugs that are attracted by the water.

And Laila just loves to sit and walk on the edge.

Grandpa E flew in to help. If you see my little N, she is in her favorite place, taking a nap on her dad.

My mom sent pasteles for Hubby to eat. He was happy.

And A has kept busy playing with her dog,

and going to ballet and birthdays.

We thank God for everything He is doing and look forward to reaching the end of chemo. We will really be praising Him this Easter, thanking God for everything is has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 6: Check :) plus photo shoot previews!

 So Hubby just finished his chemo for the week! I am happy it is one of those weeks where he only has one treatment. We are now getting closer to the finish line. The countdown is at three weeks now!! Yay!! I am very proud of him! God is so good. I can't wait to find out the results for his next tumor marker tests show. I know it will be good news!

This weekend was really cool. We took the girls to have a fairy photo shoot with Yoli Finger Photography . You can also find her on facebook. The thing i most liked about the shoot was that Caroline (photographer) kept the girls in their very natural states. She would just shoot what they did. She didn't make them do anything unnatural. So the girls look very much like they usually do. Here is a preview of the shoot.

I have kept looking at pictures since then. Plus Ms. B. finally brought me the pictures she took of our family and they are awesome! I can't wait to do something special with lots of them! I love pictures! Thanks Ms. B. and Caroline!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 5: Check!

I'm back!!! We have had a pretty good week because Hubby hasn't had chemo everyday. Tio P has been helping out a lot. He takes care of the girls, cooks, and has been doing some awesome landscaping. Here are a few pictures of what our week has looked like.

Little N has been enjoying a lot of outdoor time.

J tried on some Easter accessories. :)

She has also liked to help her Tio with all the landscaping.

Our house is looking spiffy. Thanks Tio!!

Hubby has his ok days and his not so ok days. Since he is being given a shot to boost his white blood cells (wbc), he has to deal with the pain that comes with it. Whenever his wbc's go down, the shot kicks in and all of the bones in his body start to seriously hurt, sometimes enough for him not be able to walk. He knows when this happens that the shot is working, but that doesn't stop it from being painful. Hopefully his wbc's will be back to normal soon.

We are having an exciting day tomorrow, but will tell you about that later. Have a great weekend and keep the government in your prayers, we have already seen our pay stub and it does not look pretty, but God is in control!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 4: Check!!!!

I've been a little busy since my dad was here, but here is a quick review of whats been going on with us. So Hubby just finished another full week of Chemo. He did such a great job. This doesn't mean he feels good, but he got through it courageously! He is so awesome. I know that soon he will be feeling much better. Five more weeks to go and only one more full week!

It was also great to have my Dad here when I most needed him.  He was such a great help while he was here!We also were able to have some fun. We are so happy we were able to take him to Sea World!


The girls just loved having him around. He left yesterday and I miss him so much already, but am beyond words grateful for being able to have him here. While he was here we watched 4 new movies together, so I can scratch four more off my list!

We went to church on Sunday and the youth and youth leaders had made this awesome card for Hubby!

It had bible verses on the outside and touching get well messages on the inside. It made us both cry. Those young people are a real blessing!!

Hubby was really touched!

Finally, Tio P flew in on Wednesday. This is Hubby's brother. I know that Hubby is super happy to have him here. He hadn't seen him in two years. The girls are loving all this company and I feel truly blessed to have such caring family and friends! Just to support Hubby, Mr. B and my Dad  both shaved their heads. Wow!

God is great and has kept showing us His awesome love.
The best news we had this week was this...

Before Chemo Hubby's Tumor marker count was 51 and rising (this was what indicated to doctors that cancer wasn't gone).

On Monday he has his tumor marker count done again!!

Drumroll please...

It came back...


We almost got it!!! Chemo is doing its' job!!

Thank you God!!