Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great News!!!!

We are feeling very blessed this week. Although Hubby has started another long week of everyday chemo, and he is not feeling well at all, we feel so blessed. Hubby had his tumor marker tests done again.His tumor markers before chemo were 51. Normal tumor markers are 0-10 (more or less). Last test, after 3weeks of chemo, they came back at 12.8. This weeks test (after  six weeks of chemo) came back at...........

3.54!!!!!!!!!!!! That is within normal range!!!!!!

God is soooo awesome!!!!

We are now anxious to finish treatment and are in an official countdown. Only five more treatments left!!!!
Since I have written, Uncle P has gone back to PR, and Hubby's Dad is now in town to help out. I no longer have to pack the girls up and spend mornings and afternoons keeping them entertained in the hospital. Well, I still have to keep them entertained, but now I can do it in the comfort of our home. That is a blessing. I would like to be with him, but I know I leave him in good hands, and I know he feels good knowing the girls are comfortably at home.

Since I haven't written in a bit. Here is a picture review of what you have missed.

We were able to take Uncle P to a few touristic places.

Hubby set up a pretty cool pool section in backyard.

A loves playing with the ladybugs that are attracted by the water.

And Laila just loves to sit and walk on the edge.

Grandpa E flew in to help. If you see my little N, she is in her favorite place, taking a nap on her dad.

My mom sent pasteles for Hubby to eat. He was happy.

And A has kept busy playing with her dog,

and going to ballet and birthdays.

We thank God for everything He is doing and look forward to reaching the end of chemo. We will really be praising Him this Easter, thanking God for everything is has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

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