Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 5: Check!

I'm back!!! We have had a pretty good week because Hubby hasn't had chemo everyday. Tio P has been helping out a lot. He takes care of the girls, cooks, and has been doing some awesome landscaping. Here are a few pictures of what our week has looked like.

Little N has been enjoying a lot of outdoor time.

J tried on some Easter accessories. :)

She has also liked to help her Tio with all the landscaping.

Our house is looking spiffy. Thanks Tio!!

Hubby has his ok days and his not so ok days. Since he is being given a shot to boost his white blood cells (wbc), he has to deal with the pain that comes with it. Whenever his wbc's go down, the shot kicks in and all of the bones in his body start to seriously hurt, sometimes enough for him not be able to walk. He knows when this happens that the shot is working, but that doesn't stop it from being painful. Hopefully his wbc's will be back to normal soon.

We are having an exciting day tomorrow, but will tell you about that later. Have a great weekend and keep the government in your prayers, we have already seen our pay stub and it does not look pretty, but God is in control!!

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