Monday, May 9, 2011

New News

I'm back! A little. I've been a little busy lately and it seems as if my poor blog has just not gotten top priority. But here is a quick update for my few followers who still check in once in a while:

1. The best news of all is that Hubby has finished Chemo!!!!!!!!!!!  We were so happy!!! I bought yellow balloons and put them outside on our flag pole and then filled the house with yellow balloons and wrote LIVESTRONG on all of them!! It was great knowing that he doesn't have to go back for more every week!!

They also removed his PICC line. This is all great news except that on removal of his PICC we found out he had DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), or a really big blood clot that goes from his neck to his elbow. We are all a little worried, but super glad that we caught it in time! He is now starting to feel a little better, but these new meds (blood thinners) have side effects too, so we will be dealing with them for 3-6 months!

2. Easter came and Easter went. Hubby was not feeling well enough to go to church, but the girls and I went on Saturday for their egg hunts and on Sunday for some wonderful praising.

N's first egg hunt in a little kiddy pool!
 Jay had a great time helping her sister and then getting her own eggs!

Then, on Easter Sunday the girls were matching and beautiful thanks to Nana and Abu.  However, by the time N got home she had had enough excitement. So I couldn't get one decent picture of them!

Once she had eaten and had her nap, and with a change a clothes, she was happy to open her Easter basket!

3. One of my best friends from PR and her hubby came to visit. They are also Jay's Godparents. We were able to take them to Sea World, which was cool, and it was just nice hanging out together. Jay had them running all over the backyard too! 

4. My Mom-in-law came in from PR too. She will be staying for a while and Jay is super excited. I wonder how Jay is going to feel when people stop coming to visit us after we are back to normal. She constantly tells me she loves to have people here. Hmmm.

5. Mother's Day was awesome. Happy M Day for all the great MOM's out there!!! I made a scrumptious turkey with arroz con gandules, and some stuffing. My brother-in- law with his family where here and my in-laws, of course, and it was just a peaceful time. Plus, I got to spend a lot of quality time with my girls, and what can be better than that?

6. As for my 30 things to do before I'm 30 list, it is actually quite sad. It's not looking like I will finish the list or even get close to finishing it. I will be 30 in a couple weeks, and I still have lots to do. I will try to finish what I can!

1. Paint a Picture.
2. Sew matching dresses for the girls. Haven't even started.
3. Memorize 12 Bible verses. Memorized 2.
4. Write a song. Started one and then lost it.
5. Send book out to publishers. Turns out the publishers I want don't accept manuscripts unless sent by an agent, so this has turned into : send book to agents. Have yet to finish paperwork I need to send.
6. Visit Corpus Cristi. This is just not going to happen.
7. Find suitable sneakers for mom to be out on the town.
8. Make 4 different crafts. I've made 2.
9. Read 4 new books. I've read 1.
10. Dye my hair. Have kind of changed my mind about this.
11. Lose 20 lbs. I've gained 5.
12. Take awesome fam. pics. Thanks to Ms. B!
13. Renovate bedroom. Almost.
14. Finish Nia's room and have her sleep there.
15. Paint Laundry room. Still have paint just waiting there.
16. Ride a big roller coaster.
17. Have a spa day at home twice a month. Yeah right.
18. Go on a date without kids at least once a month. Another, Yeah right.
19. Sew an apron for AJ. Nope.
20. Organize my linen closet. Ha!
21. Teach AJ 3 new songs. I've taught her one.
22. Start walking. Haha!
23. Have a dinner party.
24. Give a gift to a neighbor.
25. Bake a dessert from scratch.
26. Delete anybody who I have never had real contact with from facebook.
27. Watch 30 movies. I've seen 12.
28. Put together a great outfit.
29. Put a chalkboard section in my kitchen. Actually turned into a white board section, but the intention was made, I wanted a little writing section.
30. Make something special for Hubby.

In my defense though, I had no idea cancer would be in our future! Oh well!

I think that is all for this update. Please keep praying for Hubby to get better, but as always we know that God is in control. This does not mean that when new medical conditions come up we don't get frustrated, we just know that God has everything in His hands, and this gives us peace. I am very proud of Hubby. He has been giving himself injections and has always followed instructions carefully. I love that he is taking care of himself like he is supposed to! God is good!

Have a great week!! Until next time.

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