Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turning 30 and getting results

Hi Everyone! I am feeling great today, although a little bit frustrated. Yesterday we got the results of Hubby's first CT Scan. I know God is always in control and that He has everything in his hands!!!!!!! The doctor said that the Scan showed that Hubby still has a lymph node that is "lighting up". They are pretty sure that this is part of the cancer that is a teratoma. Teratoma's are not treatable by chemo, so it looks like we have one more surgery in our path. The good news is that nothing has spread, it is the same lymph node that had lit up prior to chemo. Next week we have our next appointment to see what comes next with that.  In other news, I am also 30 as of yesterday!!!!!  SO far so good! I feel so blessed.  Check out why:

This is the last day we had a hospital stay, May 6th! Haven't been there since (except for testing).

I have supportive In-laws who plan to be around until they are no longer needed.

Hubby is feeling better so he can play with the girls more.

And he even went back to work! I was so happy!

I got some cool birthday surprises, like this awesome cookie arrangement that
a friend from church brought me.

And this cool fruit arrangement that my parents sent me.

I also got some other goodies too. It was a cool day!

As for my list of 30 things to do before I'm 30, this is how it ended up:

1. Paint a Picture.
2. Sew matching dresses for the girls. Haven't even started.
3. Memorize 12 Bible verses. Memorized 2.
4. Write a song. Started one and then lost it.
5. Send book out to publishers. Turns out the publishers I want don't accept manuscripts unless sent by an agent, so this has turned into : send book to agents. Have yet to finish paperwork I need to send. Found a publisher that didn't need an agent so I sent in my manuscript!!!! :) It was received yesterday!
6. Visit Corpus Cristi. This is just not going to happen.
7. Find suitable sneakers for mom to be out on the town.
8. Make 4 different crafts. I've made 2. I made a blanket, a teether, some bracelets, and a purse for A! :)
9. Read 4 new books. I've read 1. I read 2, but they were great! If you like non-fiction I recommed, Heaven is for real, and if you like historical christian romances, anything by Janette Oke.
10. Dye my hair. Have kind of changed my mind about this. Still haven't decided on this.
11. Lose 20 lbs. I've gained 5. Same.
12. Take awesome fam. pics. Thanks to Ms. B!
13. Renovate bedroom. Almost. Will take pics soon. It looks great!
14. Finish Nia's room and have her sleep there.
15. Paint Laundry room. Still have paint just waiting there. I love it, although I still am going to add a few more decorative features.
16. Ride a big roller coaster.
17. Have a spa day at home twice a month. Yeah right.
18. Go on a date without kids at least once a month. Another, Yeah right.
19. Sew an apron for AJ. Nope.
20. Organize my linen closet. Ha!
21. Teach AJ 3 new songs. I've taught her one. I taught her 2, but I also taught her something really cool which I will blog about another day!
22. Start walking. Haha! Yep, started yesterday!
23. Have a dinner party. Soon!
24. Give a gift to a neighbor.
25. Bake a dessert from scratch.
26. Delete anybody who I have never had real contact with from facebook.
27. Watch 30 movies. I've seen 12.  I saw 17.
28. Put together a great outfit.
29. Put a chalkboard section in my kitchen. Actually turned into a white board section, but the intention was made, I wanted a little writing section.
30. Make something special for Hubby.

As for the rest, I will just turn my list into 30 things to do WHILE I'm 30!! So everything is alright!! :D

One horrible thing did however happen on my birthday. My DVR did not work, so I missed the finale of Oprah and American Idol. :(   What a bummer!  Oh well. Until next time. God is good!

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