Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Times

Well hello again blog and any readers left out there. It's been a while, but I'm still here and God is still beyond awesome. Last time I wrote Hubby was leaving the hospital and my in-laws were here, and we had just found out that there was still a problematic lymph node showing up on Hubby's ct scan. The doctors were pretty sure it was a teratoma and that it had to be removed. So we went in for surgery again. A 2 hour surgery turned into a 5 hour surgery (because the doctors had to work slowly to get all the tissue surrounding the tumor). The doctors later told us that the tumor was about the size of a golf ball and that adding that to the surrounding tissue, they removed about a cup and a half of "stuff". That's a lot! But as always Hubby was great! That was about 4 weeks ago and I see him doing so much better now, almost back to a new normal. It's weird how cancer can affect your life, for some reason it's always present. But I know that this is the time to trust in God even more because I know he has this in His hands!

Something really cool, and extremely humbling happened a couple days ago.  Hubby went out to run some work errands and stopped by to see his Command Sergeant Major, who has always kept his ears  open as to Hubby's condition, and has always been concerned for Hubby and our well being. He also has always had words of encouragement for us, that have many times given Hubby an extra push when he would most need it. In general he appears to be the kind of person that is good to have around (I have yet to meet him). Well Hubby came home very excited and happy. He told me that his medical board was still progressing and that he had taken care of some important details having to do with his job and his medical status (all good stuff). He then told me to stand up. So I stood up and went to him and he just stands in front of me in his full Army stature and tells me, "Command Sergeant Major sends this to you for all that you have done, being there for me along this whole journey. He says he respects you and admires you for all you have done and that you are his hero." And with that hubby puts his hand up to shake my hand, and as we shake he passes me a coin from the Command Sergeant Major.

I was speechless.

And then I teared up, mostly because I didn't feel deserving of such an honor. But at the same time I felt so honored that anybody would think this of me, when all I was really doing was my job. I feel a little selfish because Hubby was the one who had to go through all the pain, he had to endure all the medicines, operations, sicknesses, recoveries. I truly will value this coin though, because it touched me. I won't forget for what I received it, and I will remember it as the time that we went through something hard, and God was always there, and that with God all things are possible!!!!

Oh did I mention that hubby is in remission!!!!! He is cancer free now!!!!!! Thank you God!!

The in-laws went home (missed them and it took some time to get used to being just us again). In other news my small little baby turned 1!!! How time flies!!!! We celebrated with Ms. B and fam (of course), and had a great time. I'm pretty sure N enjoyed herself, and that makes me super happy! So although she is not walking yet, I will officially call her a toddler because I caught her with crayons trying to
draw on a DVD box. :) It starts!!

                     She had a hungry caterpillar party which was super fun to decorate for with Mrs. B!

                                         We had a great time! I can't believe she is already 1!

I am happy that we are closer to normal not sick living ( Hubby is still being treated for his DVT) , and hope all is well for everyone. I'm looking forward for what God has next!!

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  1. Muy bonito , inspirador y voy a tomarme el mérito de algo , el ejemplo de una buena madre y esposa te lo dio tu mamá, algo de lo cual estoy bien orgullosa , la lección fué bien enseñada y mejor aprendida... I love you precious ....